Decontamination/Polishing/Paint Correction

Before installing any paint protection, like Ceramic Pro or Clear Bra Film, there is important prep work involved. Since paint protection stays on your car for the long haul, it’s imperative that everything be perfect prior to installing it. We always recommend a paint correction or polish prior to installing any type of paint protection.

Paint correction begins with a thorough washing of the car and clay bar decontamination to extract contaminants in the paint’s surface. This removes environmental pollutants, rail dust and break dust. Next, the paint correction process begins. We use abrasive compounds and buffers to break down and remove marring and swirls from the paint. The length and stages of paint correction required varies from car to car depending on the condition of the paint. A lot of times, even brand new vehicle's have defects from the dealership and require at least a single step polish. 

  • STEP 1 - Wash & Clay

    We always include a full detail prior to any type of paint protection or full wrap. With our wash and clay process, this ensures the vehicle is free of any contaminates in your clear coat, making it ready to accept the new coating or wrap. From here, we will determine if your vehicle needs any paint correction, one-step polish or it's ready for the service.

  • STEP 2 - Paint-Correction (If Desired/Needed)

    Paint correction is a very important step if you want to restore your paint before sealing it. Heavy swirl marks, scratches and holograms can only be reduced so much with a simple polish. With a paint correction, we take the necessary steps to go further into the paint's clear coat to minimize the imperfections even more. There's usually a cut and buff process where we take down the clear coat to get to the holograms/scratches with a heavy pad, then polish to shine from there. If your vehicle has minimal scratches, we can skip to step 3.


    After the wash and clay process, we can sometimes go straight to Polishing if the paint has minimal defects. We always recommend the vehicle gets polished prior to any type of paint protection service. Since we are sealing the paint, we want to make sure the paint is free of swirls or other imperfections. Believe it or not, some brand new vehicles may still need to get polished right off the lot. This can be due to improper washes, transportation or neglect. Deep swirls, holograms or paint defects will require a paint correction from Step 2.

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