Custom Trunks & Builds

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Whatever You Can Imagine

Whether you're looking for a basic trunk, show trunk or something in between, we have the ability to tailor something that's right for you. We offer full blown customized trunks for your air ride, sound systems, sub woofers and even custom LED lighting.

We can build anything from custom hard lines to custom interior panels down to the type of material texture. The build designs are endless to turn your imagination into reality. We have templates and custom designs to fabricate unique builds so that you can stand out from the crowd.

  • Basic Install

    Our basic install includes mounting all the air system components onto a platform and placed in your trunk. The platform is created from a custom cut MDF board, then wrapped in upholstery vinyl material for a clean finish. Even with a basic install, you have the option of upgrading your fittings to nickel plated, changing your lines to hard lines, or custom mounting the air tank in a different area or position.

    *Custom Platforms are available

  • Hide-a-Way

    The Hide-A-Way setup is the popular choice for keeping everything incognito and conserving trunk space. It isn't until you lift your trunk floor to reveal everything underneath to expose your setup. With this type of build, the spare tire is removed to utilize that space for building the enclosure to house the management, compressors and wiring. We can even add a custom floor with a window to showcase the components underneath.

  • Custom Setup

    With a custom setup, we'll build everything from the ground up. Our panels are made from scratch using raw materials and original designs. Our hand-crafted builds are unique for each client. We take pride in working with each client by collectively sharing ideas to create a one of a kind custom build.